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With consistent research into industry movements, we offer a huge collection of services to clients of all sizes.

Freshlook accommodate all requirements for sheet metal design, processing, finishing and building.

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Our access to the latest technology continues the production of quality results, since the company founding in 1989. From grained shop fittings and stylish lighting installations right through to precise medical apparatus and CNC machined automotive components. We follow cutting-edge movements and invest in the latest technology to offer all our clients the very best to develop and succeed.

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Our commitment to quality has been the core of our success, and being ISO:9001 quality certified we pay great attention to each step, even before production.

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Born with the dedication to serve local businesses, we’re now supplying national companies with quality and reliable metal services. Equipped with our ISO:9001 and Safe Contractor accreditation, the successful path continues to lead our team through an exciting part of history…

Freshlook Engineering & Products Ltd are one of the leading laser cutting and sheet metal fabricators, founded in 1989.

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