Laser Cutting


As pioneers of sheet metal laser cutting, Freshlook continue to invest in new machinery and efficient methods of production.


Freshlook use the advanced Amada CO2 FOII 3015 lasercutter

Freshlook use the advanced Amada CO2 FOII 3015 lasercutter

Laser Cutting – it’s what we do!

We only use the best. The Amada FOII i-C 3015 series CNC laser keeps us at the cutting edge of laser technology, a highly efficient addition to our extensive workshop equipment range.

As well as common metals, we also process precious metals such as brass, copper and titanium and work with many gauge varieties.  We nest all items into our machinery before cutting meaning minimal wastage for our client and the environment.

Our 4kW laser can power through sheets up to a maximum size of 3000mm x 1500mm

Our most requested laser cut materials

Mild steel Aluminium Stainless Steel

Brass Copper Titanium

Tool Steel Zintec Galvanised Steel

Etching, Engraving and Detailing

The workshop is directly networked to our design office, giving the Freshlook design team all the flexibility and speed required to produce precise work within a promised lead time.

Adding etched detail promotes a professional brand image, maybe this is something you have considered to boost quality control? You may be asking how you can take your project to the next level, giving your product a cut above the competition.Using our industry approved machines, we can work with mostly all types of sheet metal including box section, angle, tube, bar and extrusions. We’ll ensure your business has the mark above the rest.

Please speak to us if you want to explore possibilities for engraving, marking and product identification.

Laser and Etching equipment we use

Amada FOII i-C 3015 Laser Cutter
Keyence 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker
Benchmark 320 Engraver

Programs used by our state of the art machinery


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Rely on Freshlook for their rapid, accurate laser cutting

Rely on Freshlook for their rapid, accurate laser cutting