Freshlook Engineering & Products Ltd are one of the leading British laser cutting and sheet metal fabricators, founded in 1989.

Born in Wiltshire with the dedication to serve local businesses, we’re now supplying national companies with quality and reliable metal services. Equipped with our ISO:9001 and Safe Contractor accreditation, the successful path continues to lead our team through an exciting part of history…

Over 30 Years Experience of Manufacturing in the UK

Freshlook Engineering & Products Ltd are still one of the market leaders in laser cutting and sheet metal fabrications. 

Based in the outskirts of Bath, we operate from a fully equipped state-of-the-art 15,000 sq. ft. facility where we continue to impress our clients with the wealth of our in-house knowledge and expertise, offering both design and manufacturing services.

The original CO2 laser cutting machine

The original CO2 laser cutting machine

Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Service & Quality

The ‘cradle to grave’ service we provide means full access and control for our clients.

The entire team is dedicated to maintaining our reputable presence in the British manufacturing industry producing high-standard, quality sheet metal fabrications. We take great pride in the quality of our work and our clients can rest assured that our internal working processes and quality control systems follow our strict production and safety policies.

ISO:9001™ and SafeContractor™ Accredited

We supply our clients with a fully inclusive engineering experience with safe and exceptional manufacturing solutions.  

We continually secure our ISO 9001™ accreditation annually, along with the Safe Contractor™ status. Our industry-approved internal procedures keep things running how they should – with little disturbance and great effectiveness. The SafeContractor™ accreditation means engineers are recognised within safe working practises, so you can rest assured you’re in the best hands.


Consulting with confidence

If you also require professional advice about your metalwork and product development, we can help.

There are many aspects of production and sometimes it can overwhelm even the experienced designer. We focus on strengthening ideas and developing projects for each client, with a respectful understanding that each job is unique. If you’d like to speak to our designers or sales team, we can arrange a meeting to ensure an accurate picture of your expectations is painted. Even if it’s not yet on paper, we will help materialise your vision into a reality with an efficient approach.

Realistic finance options

We understand that most clients have better use for their cash reserves.

Our promise of keeping in-line and below your budget is never broken, we make sure clarity is reached before the design stage. With all processes under the same roof, we can offer a faster turn-around with control applied at every. Initial consultations will help us determine what your budget allows and the expectations you have.

Each payment made towards a lease is 100% tax allowable and VAT can be reclaimed. The minimum leasing amount start low and repayments can be made over 12 or 24 months. Our team will help calculate the monthly fee, with a same-day approval.


Our Team of Experts

We believe in the combination of the highest quality people, technology and materials.

Our team of industry experts including coded welders, machine operatives, mechanical designers and specialist engineers have expertise in all of the key stages of the production process from handling the initial enquiry through to delivery of the finished items.

Developing a true connection with clients saves energy and time. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your project and maintain this commitment beyond completion. The vast involvement with such varied industries have strengthened our all-round knowledge of producing and manufacturing sheet metal.

Connect with us

Our clients know the team at Freshlook will make the extra stretch to deliver and exceed expectations.

We’ve built up a strong portfolio of successful projects and continue to impress with our strong background of manufacturing, design and production. To keep posted on our movements, follow us on Facebook!

Your single point source supplier

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The town where it all began, Frome, South West England.

The town where it all began, Frome, South West England.

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