Planning & Design

Using CAD drawings, materials lists and machine program data, we ensure your project has a consistent development and build. Do you have a complex product that requires a tight production flow?

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Production Planning Specialists

We remove cost, complexity & risk by not adding layers of subcontractors to your projects, 100% of services now carried out in-house, giving our customers 100% transparency of project timescales and costs.

One of our great strengths as a production specialist, is the ability to help oversee quality throughout manufacturing.

There isn’t a more valuable service than maintaining a carefully prepared production plan, whilst driving our clients expectations forwards.  We prefer to meet with you but understand that sometimes a telephone consultation or plan will be more suited.  We will keep a focused solution from design to completion no matter the complexity.

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Providing Reliable Product Design

We know how important the initial investment of a product is – time spent during the design stage will strongly compliment the success and development of your project.

We constantly invest in the latest technologies, hardware and software, that are available allowing us greater flexibility in our services.

Something we pride ourselves on and will continue to offer all of our client is an exceptional bespoke design service.  Our heavyweight CAD and 3D technicians use the latest software to materialise your ideas into a reality.

We accept the majority of drawing files DXF, DWG, PDF, JPEG, PNG, DOC, XLM, XLSX etc

Effective Development

Freshlook consider the best options to bring forward an effective solution to your manufacturing and product challenges.

We ensure that a phased approach to product development is in place to ensure schedule, resources and costs are kept under control.

You may prefer a face to face meeting with our designers and engineers to explore what unseen possibilities are available to achieve the ultimate solution!  We can turn your napkin sketches or prototypes into an efficient product with the wealth of experience held by our entire team.

Our Design Software

We use Radan, Autodesk AutoCAD, peps, SolidWorks and Adobe suite.

We offer complete production services

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