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All plating and anodizing is undertaken by our well-trusted contractors, a partnership built up over many years. We rest easy knowing everything is in good hands.

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Plating and Anodizing

The common requests for plating the products we manufacture usually involve zinc plated and clear, yellow and silver. Each offers different protection and appearance.

You may already know what finish your project needs, perhaps a matte powder coating of a steel structure, a brass fitting with grained detail or a slick mirror polish of a stainless profile. If you’re in doubt which finish is required, or want to discuss options with our sales team, just get in touch.

Bright zinc plated clamps

Bright zinc plated clamps


Galvanising (or galvanizing) is a process that prevents steel from corroding, as it produces a protective coating where the zinc is bonded metallurgically to the steel.

Your material might require shotblasting as well as galvanising, which dramatically enhances the final results. For items receiving a galvanised part, our workshop team will ensure the highest standard to promote the optimum finish. If you’d like to learn more about your galvanised options, our team will be happy to discuss.

Graining and Textures

If it’s possible, we’ve dealt with it and know what works well from large staircase panels to the smallest of interior decoration accents.

To give your product a cut above the rest, why not add a hand-grained finish to make it’s finer details really pop? Perhaps you’re not familiar with how metal behaves and would like advice about achieving your desired texture.

Whether it’s a brushed metal, scratched and heat treated surface or perfectly polished product that you need, your preferred material might require it’s own treatment to achieve the results, so we’re here to advise.

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Product Identification

Creating a batch product sometimes requires part identification. We’ve invested in more laser etching and metal engraving equipment that offers pristine results.

Our in-house engraving capabilities allow items and products to be individually marked at a quick, controlled pace which means a fast turnaround. Complex builds or multiple part projects may need temporary or permanent marking solutions, which are not uncommon for Freshlook to process. For example, you may need detachable tags or metal barcodes. For permanent product identification the use of stamping, weld beads or deep stencil marking might be required.

Powder Coating

Set your product apart from the rest. Whatever the material, we know it will need tailored attention and can assist with creating the best solution.

Our powder coating service has been extremely popular with our clients as we have control of the final paint finish. The ability to radically enhance appearance and provide protection, powder-coating has become extremely popular for providing a durable, attractive finish. Contact our sales team for more information about the powder-coating possibilities.

Powder Coated items

Powder coated enclosure cabinets

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