Our team is comprised of people who radiate passion, vision and dedication. We’re expanding as a business, and investing in those who want to exceed their own expectations, to drive the company further up through the path of success and to deliver outstanding results to our clients.
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Freshlook Engineering and Products Ltd, Your partners in production.

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Whether you’re a forward thinker, a technical translator or creative innovator, Freshlook can offer you an exciting future. 

We appreciate and look after our family of brilliant operatives, all ages and backgrounds, no matter how long they’ve been by our side. Giving our team complete investment and attention to their individual journey keeps all momentum moving towards positive progression.

Serving a multitude of industries

With extensive sheet metal knowledge, we meet a spectrum of clients from varied industries that only strengthen our catalogue of expertise.

Are you interested in working on projects in the nuclear, medical, chemical, healthcare, construction, electronics, retail, automotive, aerospace, audio and visual, metrology, arts and sculptures, food and drink or recreational industry? Freshlook proudly serve a vast range of clients and are always keen to become the key, one-stop-shop supplier.

Positively committed

We act with respect and integrity. Dedicated 100% to looking after our team; the people who deliver their absolute upmost of quality to each project.

Committed to performing above and beyond, we make sure our team are fully involved and listened to. Experience is not everything – we know every idea is worth listening to no matter the age, gender or nationality and we encourage ‘outside the box’ thinking in our workplace. Comprehensive training and respectful salaries are offered to those with reliability, inspiring attitudes and drive.

Where we’re located

Looking for jobs in the South West? We’re nestled in a quiet industrial estate 5 minutes from the old mining town of Radstock, with closeby shops and amenities.

Our workplace has ample parking, is a few minutes walk from the nearest bus stop and a short ride from a cycle track heading to Bath or Frome.


Situations Vacant


There are no vacancies at present. If you’re interested in working with us however, simply send us a message or call our office on 01761 420774.


Your partners in production

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Freshlook Eng Design 3D 2D Freshlook Eng Laser Cutting, Etching, Engraving Specialist Fabrications at Freshlook Engineering Freshlook Eng Bending Folding and Rolling
Freshlook Eng CNC Machining Freshlook Eng Finishing and Coating Freshlook Eng Assembly and Delivery Freshlook Eng Design 3D 2D

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