Specialist Fabrication


Our factory is designed for efficiency; with each department complimenting the whole production process.


Reliable coded welders, professionally producing quality welds

Reliable coded welders, professionally producing quality welds


In our established welding shop we offer MIG, TIG, Purge, Solder, Spot and Braze welds with mostly all available metals. We’re here to discuss your requirements whether it’s a basic welded frame or a specialist product that needs extraordinary solutions.


We work with a large catalogue of steels including stainless or galvanised steel, aluminium and mild steel… Precious metals are not uncommon to be processed through our workshop, such as copper, brass and titanium. All products due for welding are processed through our impressive variety of precision band saws, drills, scallops, presses, folders and rollers to ensure accurate results.

Polishing and Finishing

Our fantastic engineers and operatives know how to make the final product extraordinary.

We’re consistent and attentive to all finishing processes, including graining, sanding, dull or mirror polishing and bead blasting. Each process is possible thanks to the extensive combined knowledge of the talented Freshlook team. Speak to us for help in adding a final, professional touch to your metal products.

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Forming, Shaping and Drilling

Whether the best option is by manual or CNC machines, we can guide you through the process required to achieve your result. Find out what makes us the perfect partner as a one-stop steel fabrication hub.

We have a selection of equipment that will shear, scallop, drill, cut or punch all possible types of metal. Our fabrication processes are complemented by strong supply chain management. Freshlook provide clients with the promise of a secure supply for complex parts and assemblies, on-time.

Specialist fabrication services from Freshlook


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