Our globally renown client approached us, initially for fabrication services. This portable glass blowing unit has since been developed to perfect this complex build into a worldwide seller, bringing glassblowing to the home of any glass hobby enthusiast.



Working with Innovators

MiniMelt Glass Ltd have been manufacturing hand-built combination furnaces for over 10 years. Based in Wiltshire, they supply glass hobbyists worldwide with bespoke glass blowing furnaces. They are the pioneers of mobile glassblowing as the World knows it now.

The product is a complex blend of a reheating chamber and a glass melting furnace. MiniMelt Glass have always been at the forefront of this innovative method of blowing glass anywhere and their products have won the affection of every glass maker.

Translating Drawings for Production

As a result of being a well established and respected name, Freshlook were approached by the Director of MiniMelt to assist with the development and production of the their  furnaces. Our design team translated the drawings into carefully prepared files for our workshop machinery and team.

We needed qualified and experienced metalworkers to manufacture the skeleton of our furnaces. Since the first meeting Freshlook have gone above and beyond to ensure everything is perfect! – KT Yun, Director of MiniMelt

The Fabrication Journey

The process begins with the Amada laser machine and a variety of shapes are laser cut from a stainless steel sheet. The created profiles are then deburred and taken to our press-brake operators, who fold each part using the CNC Amada press-brake machinery. Other pieces of the assembly are formed in our CNC machine shop.

The original furnace was made from an old oil drum! It was the perfect size for a reheating chamber. Since progressing into a Worldwide supplier, that oil drum is now replaced by a stainless drum, fabricated with great attention from a flat sheet. Our welders form and finish the drum by fusing the back plate to the newly rolled drum.



Welded stainless combination glass furnace drum ready for next stage of production.

Delivering Excellence

Once the sub-assemblies have been cut to size and the main body is constructed, the remaining parts are handed to our welding department. We use TIG welding to fuse each piece to its counterpart; a solid join adding great strength to the furnace. The original furnace was made from Mild Steel, working just as well as a product but the Stainless Steel now ensures a life-time of use, especially for outdoor use.

Understanding the product and connecting with resourceful, economical methods, we have considerably reduced the production process since the first prototype was received. The metalwork is the foundation of this product and we assemble the parts ready for the next production fitting done by hand by MiniMelt Glass technicians.


Fantastic finish in stainless, for practicality and longevity.

So… what is a MiniMelt furnace?

Have a look at MiniMelt’s promotion video, it might give you a better understanding what this brilliant equipment can do.

Partners in Production

To this day we continue to manufacture and assemble the skeletal structure of these furnaces. We enjoy working closely with their team, assisting them with new developments and broadening the catalogue of accessories that MiniMelt Glass are proudly supplying glassblowers across the globe.

External Images source: www.minimeltglass.co.uk



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