Studies have proven that music improves productivity, with the ability to change moods after a few seconds of sound-waves. Our client found himself hankering for a quality sound whilst he worked at his desk…



A pair of MK Desktop Stands with portable speakers

Inspired by Music

From a young age, Matt Kirkwood of MK Stands, has loved great sounding music. His idea enhanced a product already on the market; a robust, portable speaker manufactured by Bristol company MiniRig.

Whilst at his desk Matt found the speakers were a great portable system but as a music enthusiast, found that the sound quality needed some improvement. With the desire to create the ultimate sound, he designed a stand for the speakers to sit at the right height next to his desktop. The MK Stand idea was born… now he needed to find the right partner to design and manufacture it.


MK Stands were initially looking for a production drawing

A Swift Response

Initially, Matt was looking for a company to create a production drawing of his prototype design. He knew the piece would need to be laser cut, so he searched online and found Freshlook as his most local company. Within only a couple of months of his initial meeting with the Freshlook Design Engineers, the team had developed and produced the ‘MK Desktop Stand’ which was ready for market.


The MK Desktop stand is built to compliment the sound of the portable speakers

Preferred Processes

As his local experts, Freshlook could achieve all processes in-house which allowed Matt to keep tight control on his budget. Matt preferred the laser cut process to waterjet cutting as this would help minimise the process and costs, Matt was acutely aware of his budget limitations and our team ensured that they remained within them. Our senior designer worked closely with Matt to help construct and produce the first prototype.

Matt wanted to ensure that his product had longevity for his end users, with that in mind the design team created the MK Stand ensuring maximum strength, with minimal fabrication.  Our team of experts lasered the profiles then brought the sheet into it’s 3D form using our CNC press-brake machinery.


“Freshlook are a creative professional team, who are reliable.”

Location Matters

As a local businessman, Matt is always keen to support local companies. So when he discovered Freshlook was only 2 miles away from his office, he jumped at the opportunity to work with such an established local business.

Matt is also very keen to ensure that his environmental impact is minimal, with such a short distance between offices Matt can rest easy knowing that the MK Stand and its development, production and delivery has been created with a the lowest carbon footprint achievable, something which is important to his end users.

“Freshlook are a creative professional team, who are reliable. Prices are consistent and fair and it was comforting to know I was in safe hands as Freshlook have an esteemed client base.” – Matt, MK Stands

Both parties now have a strong business relationship, thanks to the dedication and firm reliability of the Freshlook team. Our expertise and friendly approach has won the heart of this music enthusiast!

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