Our client approached Freshlook on behalf of  Ted Baker. We received metalwork designs to fabricate and install into their Bristol and London stores in England. Using a combination of lasercutting, profiling and graining, we produced the final selection of varied sized steel decorations on the walls, floors, ceilings and windows.

Freshlook Ted Baker shop front

Freshlook lasercut welded stainless steel shop front for Ted Baker in Bristol


Window Shopping

Bristol and London showcase some of the most impressive shop fronts, with high competition each business needs to bring it’s own style to the streets. Ted Baker is a very stylish, cutting edge designer brand for men and women’s fashion.


Creating stylish design

The laser profiles were translated into our CAD software by using the clients design sketches. All dimensions were confirmed with our client, before being programmed and translated to our workshop machinery.



From Fabrication to Install

This project was a great success and we thoroughly enjoyed working with our client. The results were breath-taking and very impressive. Our team helped create this Ted Bakers’ vision of a stylish shopping experience for all of their clients and we really think the designs spoke loud inspirational to all who saw them. Our work could be found on the walls, floors and windows.

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