+ Freshlook-MK-Desktop-Duo-Steel-Stands

Portable speaker stands

Studies have proven that music improves productivity, with the ability to change moods after a few seconds of sound-waves. Our client found himself hankering for a quality sound whilst he worked at his desk…

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Stainless mobile kitchen workstations

Freshlook Engineering & Products ltd have been at the core of many exciting projects and this one will certainly be remembered well. Our client had a fantastic opportunity that needed the involvement of well-skilled and meticulous fabricators.

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+ Arkonik Center Console Landrover part

Custom Landrover Fabrications

During 2016 the last Land Rover Defender rolled off the well-established production line in Solihull. Over two million Defenders were assembled and exported since the opening, in 1948, when the original series hit the roads. Almost 70 years later, one of the longest-running car production lines came to a stop…

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