During 2016 the last Land Rover Defender rolled off the well-established production line in Solihull. Over two million Defenders were assembled and exported since the opening, in 1948, when the original series hit the roads. Almost 70 years later, one of the longest-running car production lines came to a stop…



End of an Era

Unfortunately for Land Rover owners, production of official manufactured parts for 90 and 110 Defenders ceased. Resellers were being forced to source elsewhere. This shocking decision was made by Jaguar Land Rover; a result of the car emission clamp-down, due to be implemented in 2020.

As this announcement surfaced, many of the affected Defender owners were forced to find alternative suppliers for spare parts. In today’s competitive automobile and manufacturing industries, one small business had to find a solution. Following the grave-news, our client Arkonik took a positive stride towards an exciting journey, one that would lead them into a resourceful relationship with a local company…

Arkonik Landrover Seat roller bracket.png

Testing the waters

The Globally-renowned Arkonik, based in the idyllic town of Mells, approached us to initially help refurbish a small bracket that belonged to a classic D90 Land Rover. Arkonik build bespoke and custom Land Rovers which are exported globally, therefore needing a reliable partner for manufactured parts was essential for the future success of the business. Initially, the original piece was sketched by our CAD designer, James Mepham. The first prototype was issued to our CO2 laser cutter and processed through the CNC folding machinery.

Built to Last

Inside the Defender’s cockpit, a luxury compartment sits in-between the driver and passenger seats. This is the main console, which was our next project from Arkonik. The console was drawn in 3D, then programmed to suit the laser, and began its path through the factory. Once it had been laser cut, folded and assembled, the console was handed to our welding department. Each weld gave additional strength to the product, setting it up for a lifetime of use, much like the Defender truck itself.

Arkonik Landrover Central console EDITED.png

Powder coating to Perfection

Once fully fabricated, each part is prepped before being taken to our professional powder-coating plant. We matched the clients desired colour of luxurious gun-metal and glossy black; a choice that complimented the whole build. The results look truly outstanding.

Arkonik Landrover headlight rings.png

Since our initial project with Arkonik, the relationship has grown from strength to strength and we are proudly manufacturing over 50 key components used in a selection of their renovated Land Rovers.

Arkonik Landrover Gear stick electronic braclet (2) EDITED.png

A trusted partner

After excelling on producing the initial parts, Arkonik recognised that Freshlook could be relied upon to deliver quality results every time and we are now one of Arkonik’s trusted partners. Freshlook are glad to be working with such an innovative company, delivering fantastic bespoke options to Land Rover lovers across the world. They are actively preserving a true British legend! A reduction of carbon footprint has also steered Arkonik towards a positive route and our team are glad to be their chosen Partners in Production.

External Images source: http://www.arkonik.com/news/kairos-d110-the-right-or-opportune-time-for-taking-action/


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