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Wayne Williams, the Managing Director of Freshlook

What were your aspirations as a youngster?

I always wanted a career where I could use my hands and creative mind.

From a young age I was fascinated with taking things apart and finding out how they worked, then attempting to make them better. Engineering was by no means my first career choice as I left school. I had dreams of joining the army to become a Helicopter Pilot… a fear of heights, however, soon put an end to that.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Every day is different, each comes with its challenges and rewards. It usually starts with a cuppa.

I live locally to Freshlook HQ, so luckily I only have a short journey into work. I’ll arrive and say hello to everyone in the office before taking a stroll through to the adjoining shopfloor.
The Operations Manager and myself will usually have a brief catch up on events from the early shift and discuss the production plan for the day ahead.

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What has been your favourite project so far?

This is a very tricky question to answer. I have been extremely fortunate to have been involved with so many amazing and varied projects over the years, both as an employee of Freshlook to now as its owner. I would say projects which call upon the maximum of our capabilities are always the most engaging and rewarding.

To be involved from the beginning of an idea right the way through to design input and completed manufacture, these are the ones which give me personally the bigger enjoyment and I am sure the whole team at Freshlook would also say the same.


Any hidden talents your co-workers don’t know about?

I play rhythm guitar in a “band” with a few friends, although I would be the first to confess to not being so talented as I would like to be. I have always enjoyed music and have a selection of synths, samplers and drum machines collected over the years, which I dust of every so often and create epic dance anthems! This of course comes with the sacrifice of any credibility from my teenage son and daughters.

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Have you faced any challenges, working in this industry?

Yes. New challenges emerge all the time. I am very lucky to have such a dedicated and experienced team of people around me to help tackle and overcome them. Like all determined people, I enjoy finding solutions.

I would say the biggest challenges I have experienced would centre around the early years as a business owner. We originally took over as the owners of Freshlook back in 2012. Finances were tight with very little help from banks and outside funding sources. Again, I have to give massive credit to the loyalty of our customers and to the staff for believing in the business and its vision for the future. This combined commitment and dedication was one of the main reasons we are still here today.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am consistently working to future-proof the business. In the next 5 years I would have put more investment into people, skills and machinery. People and their development is one of my passions and over the next 5 years we will be expanding the business. This will mean recruiting, training and retraining of existing staff as well as promoting our already skilled workforce.

I’ll continue to grow and strengthen Freshlook’s original mission – to be the most valued production partners for our customers.



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